SimpleEdit is a very powerful PHP-IDE in early development stage.

You may get an impression of its features by looking at the panel of the left side of this text.

It is also OpenSource and free (licensed under terms of Apache Software License 2), thus you can try and use it for free.

Its development is supported by various companies. Be it through licensing of their products or by developers. Pagosoft is the business of Patrick Gotthardt, Main developer of SimpleEdit. Jidesoft contributed a license of their products significantly decreasing the amount of time that had to be spend on this application. Another contributor is yWorks - they contributed a license of their yFiles product, that'll enable future features.

Be part of this movement. Try it today, report bugs, dive into development. There's a lot of stuff to do for everyone.

With best regards - Patrick Gotthardt, Pagosoft


As of now we also offer a support forum for all your questions and wishes at Developers Guide. The board itself is in german, but you may ask your questions in english as well. This is an additional route for you to contact the developers, besides our Mailing List (at Java.net), the Issuetracker (Java.net as well) and the QualityAgent (integrated directly into SimpleEdit). I hope you'll like it.Special thanks to the people at developers-guide for supporting this project.

It has been a time since this page was updated so this serves as a sign to show to you that SimpleEdit is far from being dead. We're about to release Alpha 4, changed the project site and worked hard on SimpleEdit. Features of the upcoming release include a working QualityAgent, (basic) Project-Management and lots of other stuff. The biggest changes happened under to hood, though. I won't tell a date for the release, but it should happen soon.


You can download the third alpha of our Milestone 1 ("Editor") right now. However, there's a requirement: You need Java 5.0 from Sun. If you've installed that already, everythings fine and you can download it now.

This new release fixes a lot of the known bugs and features some new components like the StructureBrowser. The icons from this component are originally from the NetBeans.

Note: The QAgent does not work properly. Please do not use it!

SimpleEdit_Editor_Alpha3 - 6.1 MB

SimpleEdit_Editor_Alpha4 - requires Java SE 6!