The development process is seperated into different categories.

To simplify the process of testing the application we decided to seperate the development into "Milestones". Whenever a Milestone is reached, we'll go into an alpha/beta/rc/final-circle. Each Milestone will consists of specific features and be identifiable by a name that's somehow related to most of the features the editor will contain.

An Alpha-release is not supposed to be stable, neigther are Beta or RC releases. Even the final release must not be stable, but you should be able to use the specific release quite comfortable from that time on.

Note that every new Milestone might introduce new features that apply to a category supposed to be handeled by an earlier Milestone.

Look at this list to get an idea of what will be done when (the list includes specific APIs):


  • Editor core
  • VFS (local/ftp)
  • Basic PHP-editing functions
  • Helpsystem (PHP/HTML - only german)
  • Autocompletion (PHP/CSS)


  • Node-API
  • Help (CSS)
  • Autocompletion (XML (based on an DTD))
  • Project Managment
  • Bookmarks
  • Token/Marker improvement (providing more information)
  • CSS and XML refactorings
  • General graph editor
  • UML-Editor

Version control

  • CVS/SVN-clients
  • local VCS
  • Notebook (VFS-compatible)
  • SimpleTest/PHPUnit-integration
  • XML-Validation (maybe)


  • Jabber based chatsystem for teaminternal communication
  • Support for (some) PHP-frameworks
  • Enhanced PHP-Parser
  • Complex PHP-Refactorings

There's a lot of space behind the last named Milestone, but it's that far away that we're not spending time on writing that stuff down as well.